Our CS-series of carton sealers are operator fed and designed for heavy duty applications.  These machines are reliable, cost-effective and durable providing savings to your production process.  More importantly, these machines provide a professional looking seal.

The operator simply folds flaps of the corrugated carton and feeds it into the machine.  Our carton sealer will apply a single tape strip to both the top & bottom of the case simultaneously.   The carton sealer can easily be adjusted in only seconds to process a different size carton.


  • Adjustable table height

  • Heavy duty frame

  • Optional stainless steel frame

The most important variables to think about are:  automation, package variety, and package size.   We have also created a survey (download here) - Just email your completed survey to us and we will help you come up with the best carton sealer for your applications.  Please contact us.

*Denotes special order unit.  Lead time will vary.

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