Vacuum Sealers

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Vacuum packaging is the process of extracting air around a product and then sealing the product in an impermeable package.  It protects the product from oxidation, spoilage and corrosion.  Vacuum packaging is used in food, medical, clean room, and many other industries.  Barrier bags are used for vacuum sealing because polyethylene or polypropylene bags are both porous and cannot hold the vacuum for long term storage.

There are many different types of vacuum sealers, the most common being the nozzle, channel, and chamber vacuum sealers.  

  • Nozzle and chamber vacuum sealers use any barrier vacuum pouch. We recommend both of these units for commercial purposes.

    • Nozzle vacuum sealers are extremely fast and normally require an external compressor to operate.

    • Chamber vacuum sealers can vacuum seal almost any product including powders and liquids. Chamber vacuum sealers would not need external compressors to operate.

  • Vacuum channel type sealers need channel / embossed vacuum pouches to operate which tend to be more expensive than standard vacuum bags.

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