MAINTENANCE - Direct Heat (Constant Heat) Sealers



For sealing thicker materials, we are big fans of direct heat sealers - portable or foot operated.  Direct Heat Sealers provide really beautiful seals and are super easy to use.  However, to ensure that your direct heat sealer enjoys a long life, please follow the following easy steps.

  1. Always unplug the sealer from the power source when doing maintenance.

  2. Make sure the unit is not left on when not in use for a period of time.

  3. Do not leave the unit on overnight. This will shorten the life of the parts.

  4. Find the lowest temperature that will still seal the bag.

  5. Make sure that when the foot board is depressed that the foot board does not hit the ground.

  6. Make sure that the unit is wiped down periodically to remove any excess bag material left behind after sealing.

  7. Remove any food debris from the sealer or seal bars that may have oozed out of the bag when sealing if you are packaging food.

  8. Purchase Silicone Spray from a local hardware store . There are many brands & types. I would look for food grade Silicone Spray if packaging food.

  9. Spray the Silicone Spray onto a shop rag or tooth brush. When the sealer is turned off for the day & near cooled, still warm is a perfect time to wipe down the sealer. Never spray the Silicone Spray directly on to the unit.