Vacuum Bags

VB4-Series | Material: PA/PE


  • Clear multi layer barrier film 
  • Low oxygen transfer rate
  • Packaged in 500 or 1,000pcs/case

  • Thickness: 4mil

  • Various sizes available

  • Please contact us for samples

Our 4 Mil vacuum pouches come in many different sizes to fit your vacuum sealing needs.  Our poly/nylon vacuum bags deliver reliability while featuring exceptional optical qualities like clarity and high glass.  The bags are BPA-free and FDA & USDA approved for direct contact with food. 

      Stock NumberSizePieces/CaseWeight (lbs)
      VB4-0608-10006" x 8"1,00013
      VB4-0610-10006" x 10"1,00017
      VB4-0810-10008" x 10"1,00023
      VB4-0812-10008" x 12"1,00027
      VB4-0815-5008" x 15"50033
      VB4-0822-5008" x 22"50023
      VB4-1012-100010" x 12"1,00035
      VB4-1015-100010" x 15"1,00045
      VB4-1016-100010" x 16"1,00046
      VB4-1018-50010" x 18"50026
      VB4-1022-50010" x 22"50026
      VB4-1214-100012" x 14"1,00051
      VB4-1218-50012" x 18"50044
      VB4-1222-50012" x 22"50044
      VB4-1420-50014" x 20"50043
      VB4-1620-50016" x 20"50044
      VB4-1626-25016" x 26"25032
      VB4-1828-25018" x 28"25028