L-Bar Sealer


The YC-Series L-Bar sealers are designed for easy and quick shrink wrap packaging.  Users can produce products that have a factory fresh clean look and feel.  The YC-Series L-Bar sealers create packages that are free from dust, moisture, and fingerprints regardless of shape.  Discourage tampering and shoplifting with our shrink wrapping system.


  • Ideal for quick and easy shrink film packaging

  • Steel construction for heavy duty use and durability

  • Adjustable film dispenser rack with smooth bearing rollers

  • Works with heat gun or shrink tunnel

  • Includes work table with film separator, twin perforating hole punchers and film roller

  • YC-600HL ships via LTL freight only.  Call for freight rates

YC-Series L-Bar sealers cut and seal quick, sharp, and clean. One step cuts and seals film up to 24” depending on the model of the sealer.  The durable steel construction ensures durability and quality.  Sealing time is controlled by an electronic timer.

Easy to Operate:  Set the timer.  Insert your product between two layers of centerfold film and press down on the sealing bar.  Slightly pull the package away from the machine.  The element wire will seal the edge and cut off the film.  Apply hot air using a heat gun to shrink film tightly around the package.


L-Bar SealerYC-300HLYC-450HLYC-600HL
Seal Length (V x H)11.8" x 17.7"17.7 x 17.7"23.6" x 31.4"
Max. Package Height3.9"3.9"3.5"
Seal TypeLineLineLine
Weight (lbs)5768114
Dimensions22" x 19" x 8"22" x 25" x 8"34" x 37" x 8"
Work Table (included)YC-450WRYC-450WRYC-600WR
Weight (lbs)383870
Dimensions28" x 20" x 6"28" x 20" x 6"34" x 20" x 6"