Vacuum Sealer

Channel Vacuum Sealer | SKU: WVT-455T


  • For foil gusseted bags only

  • Semi-automatic

  • Digital display setting

  • Italian vacuum pump

  • Angled work table

  • Compact

  • Vacuum gauge

  • Portable

  • Easy to operate

  • Fitted with an emergency stop

  • Double sealing (top & bottom)

WVT-455T is a non-nozzle vacuum sealer that utilizes a small chamber to vacuum the air.  An external compressor is not needed.  This is a complete unit ready to work on gusseted bags only.  This sealer is equipped with two sealing bars (top and bottom) for greater heat penetration when sealing thicker materials.  A work table is included.

To operate.  Set the vacuum, sealing, and cooling time.  Insert the bag between the sealing jaws.  Press down on the handle and the machine will start the vacuum, seal, and cool cycle automatically.


  • Stainless Steel

  • Date Coder

  • Stand

  • 24” Model (WVT-605T)

  • Foot Model (WVF-455T & WVF-605T)


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