Long Hand Sealer


W-Series Long Hand Sealers offer a longer seal length than our standard hand impulse sealers.  The sealers are steel constructed for quality and durability.  Round wires can be ordered for cut and seal applications, but the long hand sealers can also be ordered with sliding cutters.  Blade would cut approximately ¾” above the seal.  Machine film rollers are also available. 

Manufacturer’s kit includes two heating elements and a blade (if cutter unit is ordered).

Simply set the timer, insert the bag between the sealing bar and bring the sealing bar down to activate sealing.  For the best quality seal, hold the seal bar down a couple of seconds after the light goes off before releasing.  For sealers with a sliding cutter, slide across the bag while holding the seal bar down to cut the bag.


  • Longer seal lengths for specialized sealing needs

  • All metal construction

  • No warm-up time

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Available with a sliding cutter unit

  • Round wire available for seal and cut applications (recommended for shrink wrapping)

  • WN-1500H / WN-1500HC ships via LTL freight only. Call us for rates.


Seal Length 19.75" 25.75" 29.75" 29.75" 39.75" 51.2: 59"
Cutting Length 18.75" 24.75" 28.75" N/A 38.75" N/A 58"
Seal Width 2.7MM 2.7MM 2.7MM 10MM 2.7MM 2.7MM 2.7MM
Voltage 220V 110V/220V 110V 110V 110V 110V 110V
Power 600W 800W 1000W 1600W 1400W 2000W 2500W
Weight (lbs) 27 33 35 35 42 47 110
Dimensions 28x5x10 34x5x10 38x5x10 38x5x10 48x5x10 63x5x13 73x5x14
Price (w/o cutter) $240.00 (220V) $277.50 $330.00 $750.00 $537.00 $1,162.25 $1,462.50
Price (w/cutter) N/A $322.50 $390.00 N/A $585.00 N/A $1,515.00

*Special Order


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