Foot Sealer


Our TISF-series foot sealers come in a light blue in 12", 18" and 24" lengths with a 2mm or a 5mm wide seal.  Holes are predrilled for an optional imprinter attachment.  Sealer comes with a 26" pedestal (sit-down operation), a 2" base and an adjustable foot control.  Optional 36" pedal for standing operation is also available.

Easy to Operate:  Set the timer.  Insert the bag between the two sealing bars and press down on the foot board.  Hold down the foot board for an additional 2-3 seconds after the timer light goes off to set the seal.


  • Ideal for high volume sealing
  • Plug-in electronic time for variable control
  • All metal construction
  • No warm-up time
  • Sits on rectangular base for stability


Seal LengthSeal WidthWattsWeight (lbs)
TISF-30212"2MM400W44 / 9
TISF-30512"5MM600W47 / 9
TISF-45218"2MM600W49 / 9
TISF-45518"5MM900W49 / 9
TISF-60224"2MM800W59 / 9
TISF-60524"5MM1200W59 / 9

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