Starter Shrink Wrapping Kit


Shrink Wrapping provides your package with a crystal clear tamper proof package.  Shrink wrapping will protect your package from moisture and dust.  Easily re-shrink products that have been opened and your product is like new again. To shrink wrap, all you need is shrink material (film or bags), sealer to seal (hand, I-Bar, or L-Bar), and a heat source to shrink (heat gun or shrink tunnel).

Our Shrink Wrapping Starter Kits are an easy and cost effective way to get started.  

Kits include:  

  • Hand Sealer (FS-Series) with a round cut wire; Sealing Length Options:  8”, 12”, or 16”
  • Shrink Bags (500pcs); Sizes: 6” x 6.5” (CD), 6” x 10.5” (DVD), 6” x 11” (VHS)
  • Heat Gun

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