Heat Guns

Shrinkfast | SKU: Model998

Model998 is a propane fired heat tool which comes in a kit that includes a 25' hose, adjustable regulator, wrench for tightening the hose fittings, and a metal case.  The 998 is a durable heat tool.  It puts 212,000 BTUs at 20-22lbs of gas pressure.  UL approved when the flame guard is installed.


  • Powerful - With 245,000BTUs of power, you can shrink wrap a 40" x 48" x 60" pallet in less than two minutes

  • Lightweight - Sleek design and weighs only 2.2lbs.  998's ergonomic design and fan shaped combuster lead to an even and steady heat pattern for constant shrink wrapping

  • Safe - UL Listed with built-in safety mechanisms.  "Dead man" trigger designed to automatically shut off the flame once trigger is released

  • Flexible - Extensions available in 4' and 6'

  • Durable - Full 1 year manufacturers' warranty on all parts and labor

  • Versatile - Shrink wrapping results in five-sided protection from the elements.  Shrink film also produces stronger bond than either stretch-wrapping or banding


  • Heat Capacity:  136,000-212,000BTU
  • Propane Consumption:  2.0lbs/hr
  • Operating Pressure:  22.5PSIG
  • Air Consumption:  30CFM
  • Weight:  2.2lbs (Unit - 16lbs)


  • Lengths & Weights:  4' (5lbs) [Part No. Model998-4-EXT]
  • Lengths & Weights:  6' (6lbs) [Part No. Model998-6-EXT]
  • Quick push button disconnect/connect
  • Standard Arm Assist Clip for shrinking large jobs and 'one handed operations'
  • 75 degree angle of combuster for shrinking curved surfaces

Additional Accessories Available: