Shrink Film



  • High clarity – co-extruded, multi-layered construction

  • Meets FDA specifications for direct food contact

  • Ideal for meat or cheese shrink wrapping

  • Packaged in 500-3,000pcs per case

  • Thickness: 2.8mil

  • Please contact us for samples

Our tough, multi layered shrink bags feature exceptional clarity, superior strength, and sealing performance. Designed to deliver ultimate protection while maximizing shelf life and maintaining a fresh product appearance, our shrink bags are ideal for food products such as boneless and bone-in subprimals, portioned cuts of beef, pork, lamb, and further processed meats and cheese.


Stock NumberSizePieces/CaseWeight (lbs)
MSB-0414-30004" x 14"3,00032
MSB-0612-20006" x 12"2,00025
MSB-0616-25006" x 16"2,50044
MSB-0814-20008" x 14"2,00041
MSB-0820-12508" x 20"1,25037
MSB-0826-7508" x 26"75025
MSB-1012-250010" x 12"2,50055
MSB-1016-125010" x 16"1,25041
MSB-1020-100010" x 20"1,00039
MSB-1030-75010" x 30"75037
MSB-1216-125012" x 16"1,25051
MSB-1220-125012" x 20"1,25051
MSB-1224-50012" x 24"50023
MSB-1420-125014" x 20"1,25056
MSB-1432-50014" x 32"50037
MSB-1630-50016" x 30"50040

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