Hand Sealer w/ Sliding Cutter

KF-Series | SKU: KF-210HC

KF-210HC is an impulse hand sealer designed specifically for sealing sterile bags and tubing.  The 10mm wide sealing seam provides the best protection.  The sealer is also equipped with a cutting device to make and cut pouches easily.  Design is compact to suit any medical, dental, veterinary, or laboratory with limited amount of space.

Easy to Operate:  Set the timer; insert the bag between the sealing bars, then press down and release. We recommend that the user hold the sealing arm down for an additional second or two to ensure enough time for the bag to set and cool.  Slide the cutter across material to make poly bags out of poly tubing.


  • Impulse Sealing – No Warm Up Time Needed

  • Clean and durable

  • Seals and cuts all types of heat sensitive instrument bags and sterilization tubing (such as Nyclave, Defend and Septodont brands)

  • Equipped with 10mm wide seal (serrated)

  • Optimal seal quality and easy control

  • Optional: Film roller and work table


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Seal Length8"
Seal Width10MM
Seal TypeSerrated
Power110V / 1000W
Weight (lbs)13
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