Portable Direct Heat Sealer

KF-Series | SKU: KF-150PS


  • Easy to operate   

  • Lightweight

  • Ideal for poly bags and thermoplastic materials

  • Seal width: 2mm (1/16")

  • Seal length: 150mm (5.9")

  • Upper jaw: heater sealing bar / Lower jaw: resilient silicone rubber

  • Voltage:  110V or 220V

  • Option:  pedal and clamp set to convert into a foot sealer

The KF-150 Series are portable, lightweight heat sealers that can be used anywhere; ideal for sealing small, irregular, or extra long packages.  Constructed with a high impact ABS thermal casting for heavy duty applications.  The KF-150PS is a unique direct heat sealer designed to seal polyetheylene and polypropylene up to 6mil thick.

Easy to Operate:  Depending on the material, allow 5-15 minutes of warm up time for the sealer to reach the desired temperature.  Just insert the material between the jaws and close the jaws for a few seconds.  Release the jaw.  Increase or decrease the timing until a satisfactory seal is obtained. 


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      Seal Length6"
      Seal Width1/16" / 2mm
      Power Supply110V or 220V
      Power Cord7ft
      Dimensions7" x 7" x 3"