Heat Guns

HG-Series | SKU: HG-501A

HG-501A is a heavy duty industrial quality heat gun. The unit has a built-in stand to keep heat gun in a safe upright position on any flat level for continuous use.


  • High temperature and power ratings; up to 7500F/4000C at 1680W
  • High air flow rating: 23CFM at 3000 FPM gets the job done fast
  • Powerful high speed universal motor
  • Sturdy die cast aluminum housing is rugged and lightweight
  • Easily replaceable, reinforced, mica-insulated ceramic element
  • Double protected heating element housing
  • Externally accessible carbon brush holders for quick replacement
  • Three position "OFF-COLD-HOT" rocker switch
  • Contoured, well-balanced handle
  • Non-slip rubber backed based with 90 degree rotation
  • UL Listed; Made in USA
  • Use for shrink tubing and packaging, bending plastics, cure adhesives, dry and heat parts, strip paint, defrost frozen pipes, heat sensitive materials, solder/desolder and more

Additional Accessories Available: