DY-Series | SKU: DY-8B

DY-8B is our economic value hot stamp imprinter.  Use this imprinter to print expiration dates, manufacturing codes, lot numbers, and much more!  DY-8B can print on poly bags, poly cases, paper bags, aluminum, or other materials.  This imprinter provides a clearly printed stamp on your material.  Ink dries as soon as it is printed leaving no mess behind.  Characters are easy to change.

Imprinter Includes:   Numbers (0-9), 1 set each of “LOT”, “EXP”, “MFG”, 2 open spanners (5.5-7mm and 8-10mm), and a cross-line screwdriver (for full list, please ask us.)


  • Lightweight & easy to operate

  • Print expiry dates, lot numbers, and much more!

  • Clearly prints on any type of poly material

  • Easily change your typesets


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Power110V / 40W
Temperature Range150-200°C / 300-390°F
Typeset Size3.5 x 2.5MM
Printing Lines12 characters/line; Max: 3 lines
Ribbon Size30MM
Dimensions5" x 9" x 10"
Weight (lbs)14