Child Resistant Bags



  • Child-resistant, two-handed locking mechanism and secured zipper to prevent children from opening (Meets ASTM D3475-15 standards)

  • Heavy 6mil thickness

  • Compliant for food contact

  • "Smell-proof"

  • Sizes available:  

    • Large (12.25" x 9" + 4")

    • Medium (8" x 6" + 2.36")

    • Small (6.69" x 4" + 2.36")

  • Colors:  Black or white

Our child resistant bags can be used for any product that should be kept away from children:  detergent pods, marijuana or any substance that may be dangerous to children can be stored in these bags.  These bags include a closure zipper that requires two hands to open.  The zipper can be manipulated by adults easily but will be difficult for children to access.  These bags meet ASTM D3475-15 (American Society for Testing and Material Child Resistant) standards.

To open, push the small lever down, then pull the zipper out to access items.  To close, push the zipper lock until you hear a "click" from the bottom lever.  These extra steps are easy for adults to follow but make it difficult for children to access what's inside.


Stock NumberSizeColorPieces/CaseWeight (lbs)Price
CRB-642-036.69" x 4" + 2.36"Black503$41.40
CRB-642-046.69" x 4" + 2.36"White 503$41.40
CRB-862-038" x 6" + 2.36"Black504$55.20
CRB-862-048" x 6" + 2.36"White504$55.20
CRB-122594-0312.25" x 9" + 4"Black506$57.50
CRB-122594-0412.25" x 9" + 4"White506$57.50

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