Square Bottom Bags w/ E-Zip

Size:  5lb (2.2kg) | 5 3/4" (W) x 13 1/2" (H) + 4" (G)

Due to the overwhelming response to the addition of the square-bottom gusseted bags to our stock line, we've launched an alternative to that popular style which includes a cutting-edge E-Zip closure!  With all the same features as our square-bottom bags, the added benefit of the zipper puts these bags in a category all on their own.  The handy pull-tab zipper allows for easy opening as well as convenient filling.


  • 5lb (2.2kg) foil gusseted bags with e-zip

  • Material composition: PET/INK/AL/LLDPE


  • Thickness: 5.4mil | Kraft 5.0mil

  • Color: Silver, Black, Kraft

  • Approximate Size: 5lb (2.2kg) | 5 3/4" (W) x 13 1/2" (H) + 4" (G) | 185mm x 420mm + 130mm

  • Quantity: 300 or 600pcs/case

  • With and without one-way degassing valve

  • Please contact us for samples

Stock NumberColorPieces/Case (No Valve-NZ)PricePieces/Case (Valve-VZ)Price

Pricing varies