Sealers for Stand Up Pouches

While many stand up pouches have a zipper, we still recommend heat sealing the bags to ensure the bags are tamper proof. For your stand up pouches, we suggest either a 5mm impulse sealer or a direct heat sealer (constant heat sealer).  We offer a variety of equipment at various price points and all the sealers listed here will work with our pouches...choose based on the width of your stand up pouches.  For band sealers, choose based on the height of your stand up pouch as well as the weight of your bag when filled with your product.

If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us for further information.


Direct Heat Sealers

Direct heat sealers will maintain constant heat in both jaws.  Sealer widths tend to be wider than impulse sealers.  We have listed the below options in order of production speed.    We recommend the KF-150CST if you are just starting out your production and looking to seal sample sizes.  The sealer is affordable and easy to use with very few moving parts.  The CBS-880II is our fastest option yet!  Simply place your bag on the conveyor. 

Impulse Sealers

Impulse sealers are easy to use.  Impulse sealers require no warm up time and seal by applying a pulse of energy to   the sealing   area, followed immediately by cooling.