Shrink Tunnels

Automate your shrink wrapping with a shrink tunnel machine

Efficient and mobile

Designed for continuous shrinking of PVC, POF, and PP films used in shrink packaging

Easy to use and reduces labor costs

Can be used for a variety of products including food, toys, cosmetics, videos and electronics

CN-4520A Heat Shrink TunnelCN-4520A Heat Shrink Tunnel ST-1606-20 Shrink TunnelST-1606-20 Shrink TunnelAvailable in 110V or 220V
ST-1808 Shrink TunnelST-1808 Shrink TunnelLength: 28" or 44" L-BAR & SHRINK TUNNEL COMBO
SS-1519ECEconomy: 15"W x 19"L L-Bar with 20"L x 16"W x 6"H Shrink Tunnel SS-1622MK-ComboStandard: 16"W x 22" L-Bar with 28"L x 18"W x 8"H Shrink Tunnel, 220V

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