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Sealer Sales KF-Series 6" Portable Heat Sealers

Sealer Sales KF-Series 6" Portable Heat Sealers

Portable, lightweight, versatile sealers

Our KF-series of portable sealers are ideal for sealing small, irregular or extra long packages.  A 5-15 minute warm up time is needed in order for these sealers to achieve the correct temperature.


We carry three different versions of the KF-150 series of portable sealers.  All three are constructed of heavy duty high impact, ABS thermal plastic casting. Optional feature includes the pedal and clamp set (PC-Set), allowing the user to convert these sealers to foot sealers. 

  • KF-150PS - 6" poly heat sealer with a 1/16" wide seal.  Perfect for sealing polyethylene and polypropylene up to 6 mil thick.  The upper jaw holds the metal sealing bar and is covered with a PTFE cloth.  The bottom jaw holds the resiliant silicone rubber.
  • KF-150CST - 6" direct heat sealer equipped with two heated seal bars 15mm wide.  Perfect for sealing cellophane, coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper, and other thicker materials.  The temperature switch has two temperature settings - 215°F and 350°F
  • KF-150CSTA - Same as the KF-150CST except this sealer is equipped with an adjustable temperature controller giving the user a much wider range of temperature settings enabling a greater variety of material to be sealed.

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