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Sealers with 10mm Seal

Sealers with 10mm Seal

PFS-200B is an 8” impulse sealer with a 10mm meshed seal.  This sealer can seal material up to 20 mil or more in total thickness.

Impulse hand sealers seal poly bags and any thermoplastic materials quickly and efficiently without a warm-up time.  The PFS-200B sealer is equipped with a plug-in electronic timer to control the sealing time needed for different material thicknesses.  Once the timer is set, the sealer will provide a consistent seal.  We recommend the operator hold the seal bar down for a few seconds after the light goes out to ensure that the seal has enough time to cool and set.

For sealing tubes, we found the PFS-200B to be a great value priced option for small and sample productiosn.  Always send us a sample first to determine if the PFS-200B will be an appropriate choice. 

Manufacturer’s replacement kit includes 1 element, 2 PTFE covers, and 1 number set for coding.

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