Foot-Operated Impulse Sealers

Foot-Operated Impulse Sealers

Foot sealers are ideal for high volume poly bag and other thermoplastic sealing.  Capable of sealing 15-20 bags per minute, foot sealers keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing.  Depending on the model of the sealer, materials up to 35" wide and 16 mil total thicknesses can be sealed.  The seal width ranges from 2mm to 5mm.  Equipped with a plug-in timer which controls the sealing time needed for different materials.  A signal light indicates the heat cycle is complete and the seal is done.  Once the timer is set, it will give a consistently flat seal.  

TISF FOOT SEALERSOur best-selling and most popular line of foot sealers. Ideal for almost any application. Available in 12", 18", and 24" w/ 2mm or 5mm seal widths. KF FOOT SEALERSOur newest addition to our line of foot sealers. Available in 12", 18", and 24" lengths with a 2.5mm seal width FS-SERIES FOOT SEALERSOur value line of foot sealers. Available in 14", 18", and 26" seal lengths w/ 8mm seal widths
FOOT SEALERS W/ CUTTERSBuilt-in cutter. Available in 18" and 24" seal lengths w/ 3mm seal width. LONG FOOT SEALERSExtra-long for sealing bags up to 30" or 35" wide. TWIN ELEMENT FOOT SEALERProvides one or two seal lines
SEMI-AUTOMATIC FOOT SEALERSemi-Automatic Foot Sealer with an 18" seal width; Larger electromagnet for heavy duty applications. Can seal continuously 24/7 AUTOMATIC FOOT SEALERBest of both worlds! An automatic sealer that stands alone! DOUBLE FOOT IMPULSE SEALERSDouble Impulse Seal..great for sealing thicker materials. Operator has the choice of 1 or 2 seals. Available in 12", 18", and 24" w/ 5mm seal width.
RIGHT ANGLE FOOT SEALERPlace a seal anywhere on your bag..not just the top or bottom.

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